We’re Here to Assist with Funeral and Cremation Planning in Little Neck, NY

Where should you start when you need to design funeral services for a loved one? While the internet is a great resource, nothing beats the experience you will have by working with a local funeral director. We are just a phone call away when you need funeral and cremation services in Little Neck, NY.

At Roslyn Heights Funeral Home, we pay attention to the smallest details that will have a memorable effect on your funeral services. Our team strives to carry as much of the stress and coordination required for the event. During the consultation, we will learn more about your requests and preferences. Then, you can turn your attention to the needs of your family instead of worrying about the behind-the-scenes logistics for a quality event.

Rest assured knowing you are in good hands when choosing our team for end of life support. We’ve been serving the community for over 70 years, offering unbeatable results for every event. When it is time to get started with funeral planning, we invite you to call us for information about the services that are offered.

Learning about Funeral and Cremation Services in Little Neck, NY

When you begin the funeral planning process, the first step is to learn about the services that are offered. This information will guide your decisions, helping you create an event that is perfect for the needs of your family. We’re here to help you find answers to your questions. Our team will provide this information in a safe, no-pressure environment. You never need to worry about being pressured into a funeral package that isn’t a good fit for your family.

As you learn about your options, you will see that most services fit into two categories:

  • Cremation Services: Your loved one can be laid to rest at your convenience when you choose cremation. These services are often completed soon after death occurs. Then the ashes will be returned to your family in a container of your choice, such as a beautiful urn. If you choose cremation, you have the option to design a custom funeral event that includes the cremation. Or, schedule a direct cremation if you don’t need the support of other funeral services.

  • Funeral Home Services: At Roslyn Heights Funeral Home, we are here to assist with everything required for your event. You can choose a simple, basic funeral if you want to hold a small event with the closest friends and family. Or, talk to us about full, traditional funeral services if desired. We offer a complete range of options so that you can access everything that is needed in one place.

One of the benefits of working with our team at Roslyn Heights Funeral Home is that we care about the outcome of the event. We desire to support your family in every way possible. We provide a listening ear and ongoing care through all stages of funeral planning. Rest assured in knowing that we will oversee the details of the event, giving you the flexibility to turn your attention to the needs of your loved ones.

Unique Funeral Services for All Ethnicities, Faiths, and Backgrounds

Every family comes to us with a unique perspective from their faith, ethnicity, and background. It is essential to consider family culture for funeral and cremation planning in Little Neck, NY. When your family gathers to honor the person’s life, it can be comforting to include family traditions and cultural preferences.

At Roslyn Heights Funeral Home, we have experience supporting families of all faiths and background. Our team specializes in funerals for families of Asian descent, including both Korean and Chinese cultures. Discuss your preferences with our caring staff so that we can offer support for personal or religious traditions.

Additionally, it is important to honor the memory of those who served in the armed forces. If your loved one is a veteran, then talk to us about these details so that we can include military honors if desired. We are thankful for the service that was offered over the years.

Your Preferences for Funeral Planning

What is the right style of event for an upcoming funeral or memorial? It’s up to you to decide on the traditions, tone, and attendees. Some families want to hold a formal, somber event according to tradition. Other families are looking for ways to break out of the mold and choose a celebratory event instead.

Regardless of your preferences, we are here to assist with funeral and cremation planning in Little Neck, NY. You can learn more about the available options by talking to our team at Roslyn Heights Funeral Home. Our nearby funeral home can be visited at 75 Mineola Ave, Roslyn Heights, NY 11577. Call today to schedule a consultation with our experienced funeral director: (516) 621-4545

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