Family Owned and Operated Funeral Home and Cremation in Manhasset, NY

Funeral planning is a way to honor the memories of your loved one while respecting family tradition. There is no question that the focus of this event is on honoring the memories that were created over the years. As you are evaluating your options for funeral and cremation in Manhasset, NY, it is important to choose a family-focused funeral home in the area.

At Roslyn Heights Funeral Home, we are proud to support the community with services that meet the needs of your family. Our funeral home has been family owned and operated for over 70 years. During this time, we’ve developed practices of excellence to ensure quality results for every event. Our funeral directors are world-class and can assist you with your funeral planning needs.

Manhasset Funeral Home

As you are evaluating your options for an upcoming funeral or memorial, you are welcome to contact our team for support. We offer the highest levels of dignity and compassion, giving you a safe place where you can explore the available services in the industry. You can call with your questions. Or schedule a time to meet in our funeral home and tour the facilities that are offered.

Traditional and Unique Funeral and Cremation Services in Manhasset, NY

It is common for families to come to our team with requests about specific traditions or cultural details that should be included in the funeral services. We promise the highest levels of respect for your family traditions. Over the years, we’ve served families of all cultures and backgrounds, including a variety of religious and ethnicities.

We have experience with traditional funeral services that include standard offerings such as a funeral, cremation, graveside, veterans service, scattering of ashes, and many more. At the same time, we’ve also helped many families with unique traditions that originated in other parts of the world. We’re happy to assist with families of Asian descent, including the Chinese and Korean communities in the area.

You’ll find that every funeral service is customized to match the desires of each family. Available services typically fall into these two categories:

  • Funeral Home Services: We have a beautiful funeral home that can be used for a memorial or funeral as desired. Smaller rooms are available for quaint gatherings, such as a family prayer meeting before the event, an intimate viewing, or any other meeting to honor your traditions. Funeral services are also provided at off-site locations if you prefer to hold the event in another venue. Our funeral chapels are designed to caters the Christian faith.

  • Cremation Services: You might consider including cremation with the full funeral package. Or, explore other options such as simple cremation or a memorial service paired with cremation. One of the main benefits of cremation is the opportunity to choose a final resting place that isn’t limited to cemetery burial.

The possibilities are unlimited when you select our team at Roslyn Heights Funeral Home. We are striving to honor your requests and ensure a personalized experience for you and your loved ones. If you desire to include family traditions and cultural practices in the event, then we are here to assist.

Meaningful Funeral Services

The purpose of planning a funeral is to honor the memories shared with your loved one. This opportunity is a time when you can share details about their accomplishments and hobbies. The way the funeral service is designed is the strategy that you can use in sharing the beauty of the unique personality and life.

The small details make the biggest difference in the meaning of the event. Every detail needs to be personalized, creating a one-of-a-kind experience for attendees. At Roslyn Heights Funeral Home, our team offers a concierge experience for funeral and cremation planning in Manhasset, NY.

When you choose our services, you can expect that we are on-call to support anything that you need along the way. When a loved one passes away, it is essential that you have the support of a funeral home at any time of day or night. We are here to provide transportation and begin the funeral planning process in your time of need.

Funeral Services in the Future

It is common for families to choose preplanning services as a way to reduce pressure and stress in the future. Designing funeral services in a few short days can feel like an impossible task. While we have proven systems to support your family with immediate funeral services, we invite families to contact us as soon as possible to learn about preplanning options. You have the chance to work through some of these details ahead of time, helping to reduce your burden when the funeral is scheduled.

To give you a brief background about funeral homes, we have provided some simple question and answers below:

Why is it called a funeral home?

In the past, when a family member dies, they would be laid out in the parlor (living room) of the home, where people can visit the family, view the deceased, and pay their respects and say goodbye. Funeral homes respected the idea of the family parlor and named the rooms where funerals were held as parlors.

How hard is it to start a funeral home?

If you have the knowledge of working in a funeral home before, it is not that hard to start your business. In general, many banks and lending company likes to loan money to funeral homes as demand is steady. However, you need to have good credit in order to start your own funeral home business.

What is the difference between a mortuary and a funeral home?

Funeral home and mortuary is technically the same but the main difference is a mortuary functions like a morgue where you can store a dead person. Funeral homes mainly focus on the service such as assisting the family and memorialization while mortuary focuses on the aspect of preparing the body.

What qualifications do you need to work in a funeral home?

Normally, you need a diploma in Funeral Arranging and Administration, or a  certificate in funeral service but even if you don’t have any of those, you could start in a support role and get experience as you learn on the job. S you gain more experience, you can get the diploma or certification as you work.

We’re just a phone call away when you need help with funeral and cremation services in Manhasset, NY. If you are interested in learning more, then the simplest solution is to contact our team at Roslyn Heights Funeral Home. Visit our funeral home, located at 75 Mineola Ave, Roslyn Heights, NY 11577. Call at your convenience: (516) 621-4545.

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