Experienced and Compassionate Provider for Funeral and Cremation in Roslyn, NY

When there is a need for selecting a full-service funeral home for funeral and cremation in Roslyn, NY, what will you look for? Finding a provider who has the professionalism and experience to help you create a memorable and beautiful goodbye is a must.

Often the need for these services come without a lot of warning or time to prepare. In addition to that, there may not be a vast amount of personal experience that you can draw on. Because of this, finding a firm that can offer you the benefit of their expertise can be immeasurably helpful. Consider retaining Roslyn Heights Funeral Home in Roslyn, NY. Serving the community since 1941, Roslyn Heights has the breadth of experience in the industry to support you, even if this is your first experience with a close loss.

Full Services for Funeral and Cremation in Roslyn, NY

Funeral home services can vary between businesses, but a full-service funeral home will have all of the things you might need available. This simplifies the planning process for you. Our funeral professionals have the connections and resources to handle each aspect of the end-of-life services you select. Having one company to work with really cuts down on extra phone calls and coordination of services. It also helps with keeping costs down and transparency.

Cremation services can be arranged through our funeral home as well. There is a scale of price points for cremation services, so it is essential that we take the time to explain what each package includes. All of our cremation services are handled in a secure, dignified, and respectful manner. Each cremation is an individual process. All legal and ethical protocols are followed. From the time your loved one is transferred to our facility, we carefully safeguard the remains until we return them to you.

What Type of Honoring Services are Supported?

As a unique individual, your deceased loved one should not have a cookie-cutter honoring service. Our desire is to work with you to create a customized service that represents an accurate reflection of them as a person who mattered deeply. We work with families every day to find the perfect ways to do this.

Complete funeral services that can include a viewing or visitation will be encouraged and supported if that is the desire. Memorials, celebration of life ceremonies, and graveside burial services are all wonderful choices as well. Our dedicated team has worked with families of every faith. We have extensive experience in honoring the veterans who come through our doors. If cremation is chosen as the final means of disposition, it doesn’t necessarily preclude these services. Ask us about how the services for funeral and cremation in Roslyn, NY, can be combined for a variety of reasons.

Critical Resources for Grieving Families

The services usually take place in the few days to weeks after the passing of your loved one. However, we know you are only just beginning the journey of a new chapter in your life. The grieving process is unique for each person. There are specific patterns that experts have identified that will present through this period after a loss. It is a journey without a well-defined map. But, it is not a journey you need to take without support.

Our staff has taken care to become acquainted with the locally available resources and through internet access to sustain the bereaved. Your well-being after loss is something to guard carefully. Please don’t feel that you and your loved ones need to navigate this time without the support you need.

Pre-Arrangement of Services

Taking the time to pre-arrange services for future needs is an option we love to see our clients select. This is a compassionate service you can offer your family members who survive your passing. Often, families come to an arrangement conference with very little idea of what their now-deceased loved one would have chosen. Having this preplan already in place can really cut down on the anxiety and stress a family might feel at a time of significant loss.

Pre-arrangement of services also has the option for prepayment of services. This is financially a smart move since it hedges against rising costs over time. Preplanning for these services need not be put off until one is elderly or in poor health. It can be a way to bridge sometimes difficult conversations if there is an upcoming death. During this tender time, let us assist you if you are planning for imminent need without a definite timeline.

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For immediate or future needs involving funeral and cremation in Roslyn, NY, we invite you to reach out to us today. Call (516) 621-4545 or stop by Roslyn Heights Funeral Home located at 75 Mineola Ave, Roslyn Heights, NY 11577. 

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Funeral and Cremation FAQs

What type of services can I expect from funeral homes in Roslyn, NY for a cremation or funeral?

  • Funeral homes in Roslyn, NY offer various types of services for cremation and funerals, including traditional funeral services, direct cremation, memorial services, as well as complete assistance with arrangements such as obituaries, flowers, and transportation. Each type of service can be tailored to respect the deceased's wishes and accommodate the family's needs.

What should I include in a pre-planning checklist for funeral or cremation services in Roslyn, NY?

  • A pre-planning checklist for funeral or cremation services should encompass choosing a funeral home, deciding between burial or cremation, selecting a service type, and considering any specific religious or cultural customs. Additionally, it's important to document your wishes and share them with family or an attorney to ensure they are followed.

What should I include in a pre-planning checklist for funeral or cremation services in Roslyn, NY?

  • Evaluate personal, religious, and financial considerations when choosing between burial and cremation services in Roslyn, as local providers offer a range of options to meet diverse needs.