Cremation Services

Roslyn Heights Funeral Home is a full-service funeral home, and we are honored to help you understand and make all the decisions associated with cremation.

Cremation, an alternative to the traditional casket burial, refers only to how you choose to care for the deceased’s physical remains. However, this decision doesn’t limit how you can honor your loved one’s life. With cremation, we recommend a funeral or memorial service, because you still need this healing experience, whether you’re aware of it now or not.

You may be surprised at the comfort such a ceremony brings you, especially if this is your first experience with the loss of a loved one. You can design a memorial service that follows the cremation, or you can plan a traditional funeral service, including an open or closed casket, prior to the cremation process.

Every family has individual needs and preferences, and your options are limited only by your imagination. We look forward to discussing the wide variety of celebratory options open to you. Please read on about Simple Dignified Cremation to see how our cremation service separates us from other funeral homes and cremation providers.

Cremation services starting at $2,085*

The following are included with the price shown:

  • Transfer of your loved one from local hospital into our care
  • Refrigeration
  • Identification of deceased prior to cremation if desired
  • Basic Professional service fee for direct cremation
  • Minimum Cremation Container
  • Transfer of your loved one to the crematory
  • Return of your loved one’s cremains to our facility for family to take into their care

Please contact one of our cremation specialists to customize your own arrangements or for additional information. Call us today at 516-621-4545.

*Prices are for direct cremation services only and exclude the crematory fee, certified copies of the death certificate and other services or products you may wish to select such as an urn or other memorial items.
Roslyn Heights Funeral Home Simple Dignified Cremation

It is imperative you understand the differences between the level of Cremation services offered.  Many people are unaware of these differences, and are confused about the wide range of cremation prices.

Some Direct cremation providers may offer a lower price point, but not the services and details you may expect or desire to ensure a dignified cremation. Be sure you understand the difference before choosing.

Roslyn Heights Simple Dignified Cremation
In respect to facilities, Roslyn Heights Funeral Home conducts our professional services in a physical structure. Our funeral facility has been in the same location and in operation since 1941. We treat each person individually, with only one decedent arriving at the crematory in our late model SUV.  Using a system of checks and balances both at the funeral home and at the crematory, the crematory staff and our funeral director review the cremation paperwork matching it to the name of the deceased. The deceased is assigned a cremation number unique to only the deceased and the chain of custody forms are reviewed signed and that paperwork stays with the deceased during the entire cremation process.   

Our funeral directors monitor the tagging and labeling system we have in place all throughout the time your loved one is in our care, assuring that the cremains that are returned to you are the cremains of your loved one.

We are here to help you understand the details involved with a Roslyn Heights Simple Dignified Cremation and what distinguishes us from other direct cremation providers and funeral homes.

Our Simple Dignified Cremation consists of the transfer of your loved on into our care from the place of death to the funeral home, after that there are several staff services we perform, such as securing of necessary authorizations at the arrangement conference, securing necessary authorization to cremate from the medical examiner and obtaining all permits required for cremation as well as obtaining certified copies of the death certificate for the family, providing an alternative container for cremation that the deceased is placed in (as required by the crematory), a brief identification if family desires and the transportation to the crematory. When the cremains are ready at the crematory, we go back to the crematory and take the cremains into our care from the crematory and bring them back to the funeral home, then schedule an appointment with the family to take them into their care.

After the transfer from the place of passing and during the time frame of making the arrangements and obtaining the proper authorizations and permits the deceased is always in our care at our facility, in a safe and secure setting. You can rest assure your loved one is respectfully and correctly sheltered under refrigeration to maintain the integrity of your loved on and identified all during the waiting period.

Our cremation arrangements offer flexibility, to meet your needs. We can make arrangements at our facility, in your home, or online if the need arises.

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When speaking to and making your decision on direct cremation providers you should ask the following:
  • Where and how your loved one is being kept and cared for during the waiting period before the cremation.
  • Do you have an opportunity to make an identification before the cremation if you so desire.
  • Is your loved one being transferred individually to the crematory and what steps are in place to insure the proper return of your loved one’s cremains.

As cremation becomes a more popular option with families, you may notice direct cremation prices vary widely. According to a recent New York Funeral Directors Association survey, our cremation prices are actually lower than the state average. Please be sure to call us and ask about our prices for cremation before choosing a cremation provider. At Roslyn Heights Funeral Home, we believe everyone, regardless of situation, is entitled to be treated respectfully and individually. 

We view cremation as no different from a burial in that regard.

By choosing a Roslyn Heights Funeral Home Simple Dignified Cremation, we assure your loved one the respect, service and attention they deserve.